A Day In Big Data

A Day In Big Data

The film

A Day in Big Data is a proactive thought-piece that shows how we can make sense of large amounts of unstructured data and make it useful, particularly in retail.


Interface design

I started by designing the digital interfaces shown in the film. One of the goals of the movie is to show how we can use Big Data today, not in the future, therefore, I used a familiar and clean style to hold true to this idea.

bigdata interactive mirror
bigdata interactive window design
bigdata interactive window
bigdata joy store app design
bigdata joy store app
bigdata interactive mirror
adayinbigdata.com desktop

The website

I went on to design, art direct and develop a fully responsive site that offers more information about the Big Data concept to support the film.

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adayinbigdata.com desktop
adayinbigdata.com mobile

What is Big Data?

I focused on creating clean and intuitive infographics to simplify the Big Data concept and give insight into the phenomenon. Icons, colours, fonts, animations and layout all work together to make a complex concept easy to understand.

what is big data? why is it becomming important now? how big is big data? how are people using it? Our ambition

Design in the browser

For the first time, I had the opportunity to experiment with a new design approach. The basic desktop design was created in Photoshop while the responsive design was fully developed in the browser. This solution made it possible for me to complete the design and code of the microsite in only two weeks.

Design in the browser

AWARDS & Results

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    First page of Google search results on Big Data

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    1.1m estimate impressions on Twitter and over 3K shares on Facebook

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    23k+ video views on YouTube within a month from the launch

  • CCTV

    Featured on Chinese TV News network (c. 160m viewers)

My Role

  • Design
  • Art Direction
  • Development