The All New

Land Rover is a prestigious British car manufacturer specialised in four-wheel-drive vehicles. OgilvyOne built the new Land Rover global site from scratch, making it innovative and accessible from any digital device.

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an agile approach

We chose an agile approach to launch the website working to a short deadline. We worked alongside experts from different companies, including a Land Rover representative as Scrum Master. Sprint by sprint we developed all the components of the site. dual-frame component desktop dual-frame component iphone
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Every Land Rover vehicle has its own natural habitat. The art direction of the photography keeps true to this idea. The colour palette and the layout design were calibrated to highlight content and images. range rover sport desktop range rover sport desktop range rover sport desktop range rover sport desktop

Live and alive

In July 2014, the website had its launch debut in the United Kingdom. Today, the market rollout is almost complete. The Agile team keeps improving the site and working to release new components. range rover desktop vehicles desktop

My Role

  • Lead Designer