Persil Global Site

Persil is a famous brand of laundry detergent. To make the Brand relevant to today’s mobile society, we created a full-screen, responsive website, providing mums with a wealth of tools and content they can access on any device.

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Simple and Playful

The brand is renowned for its commitment in the area of child development, so it was important to reflect that through the design. This visual language is applied to a clean and modular structure required for a contemporary, responsive website that can be easily managed. Home Page

Side nav

To ease the experience for the target audience, mostly mums, we opted for a side navigation that is always visible. The secondary navigation allows for further categorisation without overcrowding and confusing the main one. Side Navigation Kids' Activities

Dirt is good

We conceived a parallax page that brings to life, in few steps, the Brand’s philosophy that dirt is good. This choice made it possible to spread the message in an effective way.

Dirt is good Dirt is good Dirt is good Dirt is good Dirt is good Dirt is good

Product page

We created a set of smart filters to simplify the product search and introduced a “Load More” button that would allow us to show more products in the same page without losing the links below. On product pages, a concise list of bullet points highlights the specialties of each product, facilitating easy comparisons and more informed product choices. Product landing page Product page

My Role

  • Design
  • Art Direction